Dear ELEC students & academic staff!

There is still lack of resources in student services at ELEC. Our efforts to find a satisfactory resolution have so far been unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, we are forced to continue with cut opening hours and lengthened processing times. In addition, there will be only four degree programme committee meetings in 2019 and therefore only few possibilities to evaluate theses and approve thesis topics. Students working with their thesis and thesis supervisors are advised to make sure the thesis topic is approved at the start of the thesis process to avoid delays in evaluating the thesis and graduating. Equally important is to plan the finalization of the thesis well before the dead line for applications.

Dead lines for approving the thesis topic and evaluating the thesis are Feb 18th and May 27th. Please  check the dead lines for autumn semester and applications for graduation: > your programme > graduation

  • Service desk at Maarintie 8, room 1151 closes for morning times, expect on Fridays. Until further notice the service desk is open Mon-Thu 12-15.30 and Fri 9:30-11.
  • Processing times for study matters will be lengthened and students should take care to leave applications and other matters on time to be processed. Incomplete applications related to theses and graduation are postponed automatically to the next dead line.
  • Degree diplomas will be ready by the graduation ceremony; students cannot pick them up sooner anymore.
  • Course grades are registered in Oodi in 3 weeks’ time after announcement, so announcing results also directly to students is important.