Are you going to make a New Year's promise to finally start working on your business idea? 💫 Join Impact Studio by December 25th and get a head start on your promise! 😎 Already in January you will actually start your entrepreneurial journey by networking with other future founders, building a team, and validating your idea.

What will you get from the Studio? 

  • Access to step-by-step guidance and resources for validating your idea. 
  • Lots of networking possibilities with other active problem-solvers. Maybe one of them will join your team? 
  • Peer support from other founders  
  • Expert mentoring  
  • Connections to the Finnish entrepreneurship ecosystem 
  • Funding for your MVP 
  • Pitch possibilities and intros to investors 
  • Life-long support after graduating from the Studio 

Who are we looking for?  

This Studio is open to anyone who would like to create solutions solving local and global problems. Whether you already have an idea or not, you can join the Studio and connect with other problem-solvers. 

The first two stages of the Studio are open to anyone based in Finland, but if you wish to continue to the next stages, you’ll need to have at least one team member from the Aalto community (student, researcher, staff, alumni).  

The Studio has an ongoing application process, and we accept future founders every month. You can apply right away, and you won’t need to wait for months to get in! 

If this sounds like your cup of tea, read more and apply here: