Are you graduating soon and thinking of transition to work-life? What kind of career-start would be attractive and sustainable for you? What are the skills you should have? What brings meaningfulness for you?

Come and join the Zoom-workshop organized by Aalto University psychologists on Monday 4.10.2021 at 14-16.

This Zoom workshop will focus on themes:

  • Thoughts and emotions towards transition from student life to working life
  • Leave room for development: some skills develop in studies and some skills develop in working life
  • Key elements that help you to find an attractive and meaningful work
  • How to build your career on your strengths, motivation and values

The workshop consists of information of career planning and small group discussions on specific themes. Before the workshop session you will finish a few career planning exercises.

Ensure your participation by filling in the webropol form:

The workshop is led in English by psychologists Seija Leppänen and Henna Niiva.

You can send us questions and discussion proposals before the workshop by email:

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