ABL-E1388 Start-Up Financial Management is a new course in IV period mainly for the non-financial students at all Aalto schools with an intention of working for or starting their own company. On the course you will learn the key elements of how to proceed from a business idea to running a well-functioning business. See the full course description and sign-up for the course between 1.2. - 22.2.2021 in WebOodi.

If you wish to lead or participate in a team building a successful start-up company, it is not only a great business idea you need.  Most of the early phase companies struggle with the myriad of practical challenges, and in order to fill this gap, Aalto is initiating a course that is structured to cover the following core questions of company financial management:

  1. From business idea to a start-up company
  2. Basics of financial management
  3. Finding risk capital
  4. Financial forecasting and liquidity management
  5. Legal aspects
  6. Governance

You may already have taken A Free Online Course on Startup Entrepreneurship (starting-up.org) which provides you the first how-to insights on starting a new company.  However, this course intends further.  Through classroom lectures, exercises, teamwork and to-the-point guest lectures we will coach you through the real life of running a company.  Our focus is not on the business idea or strategic analysis thereof – we believe there you are stronger than us.  What we have seen, though, numerous times, great ideas often fail to materialize due to the limited understanding of the basic infrastructure how to run a company.  

The course will be managed by Professor of Practice Jari Melgin, in close co-operation with Professors Teemu Malmi and Seppo Ikäheimo.  We will have external specialists participating on most of the weekly subjects.

If you wish to have further information on the course, please do not hesitate to contact jari.melgin@aalto.fi or planning officer anna.kuparinen@aalto.fi.