In School of Engineering we are currently developing new tool to support learning. In Dynamic Feedback System a student can see all his or her studies, including courses and topics on the courses. The student can mark to the Dynamic Feedback System how well he or she has learned the subject, what kind of feelings the learning wakes and how challenging the subject seems. Furthermore, the student can draw connections between the subjects and courses and can add notes.

The objective is that with the help of the tool the student is able to design more easily his or her studies, is able to reflect his learning and is able to perceive larger entity in the studies. The tool also Supports adaptive teaching, because the teachers of courses get information about the students' learning experiences already during the course.

As part of the development process, we test the tool with students from all the schools of Aalto University during October. Based on the feedback from user testing, the tool will be developed to correspond to the students' needs as well as possible. The students' view in the developing of the tool is extremely important. About 15 students will be interviewed from all the universities altogether. We will personally contact students who we interview. The development of the tool is a part of the pilot project Aalto Online Learning. You can find more information about the project on:

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