Changing your enrollment information for spring term 2020 is possible until 10 January 2020

You can change your enrollment for the spring term 2020 from non-attending to attending between 25 November 2019 and 10 January 2020 in WebOodi.

Changes in the printing process of the doctoral dissertations as of 1 January 2020

The required minimum amount of printed doctoral dissertations is 15 copies as of 1 January 2020. More information about the amount of printed dissertations.  

There are also other changes in the printing process, please see current information at: (requires login). A short summary of changes:

  • Aalto recommends using Unigrafia for printing, but the doctoral candidate can freely choose any printing house. The doctoral candidate requests offers from the printing houses themselves.
  • The doctoral candidates pay the printing costs first themselves. The costs can be claimed back from the school through M2 provided the copy of the original invoice is included with the claim.

All these changes concern those doctoral candidates who will start printing their dissertation in year 2020.

New deadline for the dissertation manuscript in the pre-examination process

As of 1 October 2019, deadline for the dissertation manuscript in the pre-examination process will be five days before the Doctoral Programme Committee meeting (Decision of the DPC 20.8.2019). Please see updated timetable, including timetables for year 2020.

Changes in the personnel of Student Services of the Doctoral Programme in Science

Study Coordinator Laura Öhrnberg will work in other tasks at Aalto University during December 2019 – August 2020. Ms. Alise Hyrskyluoto has started as a substitute for Laura as of 9 December 2019. Please see detailed description of our work tasks at:

Doctoral Programme Committee 2020-2022

Academic Affairs Committee of the School of Science has confirmed the members of the new Doctoral Programme Committee starting as of 1 January 2020. The Chair of the new Doctoral Programme Committee is professor Adam Foster from the Department of Applied Physics.

Professor Adam Foster, Chair 

Department of Applied Physics

Professor Alexander Engström      

Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

Professor Jussi Rintanen  

Department of Computer Science
Professor Iiro JääskeläinenDepartment of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering

Professor Jan Holmström

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

Doctoral candidate Antti Moilanen 

Representing all doctoral candidates at the School of Science

Committee has also a vice doctoral candidate member, and vice professor members from each department. Tasks of the Doctoral Programme Committee are listed at:

Turnitin - help for skilful writing and prevention of plagiarism

Turnitin is a help for practising scientific writing. Practically, it is a submission box where an originality report is generated of the submitted texts and a teacher can give feedback on the submission with assessing tools. The requirement in academic writing is that you write in your own words and give credit to the authors of the sources you have utilized. Besides being a skill, this requirement is also an ethical principle, and it is good to practise and make sure beforehand that your work is following the good practices of academic writing. This is the point where Turnitin helps.

The usage of Turnitin is highly recommended during the writing process of the dissertation, and the most fruitful way of taking advantage of Turnitin is to use it in co-operation with your supervising professor already from the beginning of your doctoral studies. More information about Turnitin.

Save the date: Get-together of the Doctoral Programme in Science 13 March 2020

The annual Get-together for doctoral candidates at the School of Science will be held again on 13 March 2020 in A Bloc Fazer Food & Co. restaurant. Event starts around 9 am with breakfast brunch. The Dean of the School of Science will present the annual dissertation awards in the event, and we get to hear interesting talks from our alumni.  More information coming in January!

Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees in Technology 2020

The next ceremonial conferment at Aalto University will take place during the Ceremony Week on 12 June 2020 at Dipoli. The most prestigious of the academic events is hosted by the School of Chemical Engineering. Doctors who have completed their doctoral degree before 30 April 2020 are entitled to participate in the 2020 Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees in Technology. Ceremonial Conferments are held once a year. More information:

Course in Research Ethics 2 ECTS

Online course for doctoral candidates at Aalto University including two compulsory workshops. Lecturer is Dr. Henriikka Mustajoki.

Course will be held in spring 2020 during 6.3.-6.4.2020, including two compulsory workshops on 10.3.2020 at 8-12 and 25.3.2020 at 12-16. Enrolment for the course will start in January.

Pedagogical courses for doctoral candidates

Pedagogical training in spring 2020: (requires login to

Language Centre courses and services for doctoral candidates


See current calls at Aurora database

Aalto University incentive scholarships for doctoral candidates

Remember that Aalto University awards incentive scholarships to doctoral candidates The scholarships are awarded to doctoral candidates who have met the conditions for receiving a scholarship beginning from 1 January 2014. The scholarship system will be continued until the end of year 2021 according to the current principles. The application has to be submitted within six months of the fulfillment of the scholarship criteria. The scholarships are not awarded backdated.

  • 500 euro scholarship for the first refereed article
  • 500 euro scholarship for completing theoretical studies
  • 2,000 euro scholarship for completing the doctoral degree 

More information about scholarships: Incentive scholarships