Which teacher made you become interested in a subject you never knew you would? Who helped you learn things you thought were out of your reach? Who was the most motivated teacher? Whose teaching methods made you eager to learn more?

Nominate the teacher of the year 2018 at the Department of Computer Science! You can do it either as an individual or as a group (e.g. first year students in major x). The department awards the best teacher of the year annually. The deadline for nominations is 21 November.

Please make your nomination here: https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/CBBDEBAD0EF88138.par

Awarded as a teacher of the year

  • 2017 Assistant Prof. Jukka Suomela
  • 2016 Prof. Tuomas Aura
  • 2015 Prof. Marjo Kauppinen
  • 2014 University Teacher Otto Seppälä
  • 2013 Prof. Jaakko Lehtinen
  • 2012 University Lecturer Tommi Junttila and Senior University Lecturer Kerttu Pollari-Malmi
  • 2011 Senior University Lecturer Vesa Hirvisalo
  • 2010 PhD Mikko Välimäki
  • 2009 Prof. Erkki Oja
  • 2008 M.Sc (Tech.) Jukka Parviainen
  • 2007 Senior University Lecturer Juha Sorva