Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering announces three (3) scholarships of 1000 Eur open for application for foreign students. Talented students in Master's Programme in Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering, Master´s Programme in Life Science Technologies (only students in Biosystems and Biomaterials Engineering major) and Master's Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions (only students in Industrial Energy Processes and Sustainability major)  and Master's Programme in International Design Business Management (only CHEM students) are eligible for application. The scholarships will be paid in one installment. This scholarship can be granted only once per student. 


While granting the scholarships, good study success (≥ 55cr/year, GPA ≥ 3) will be emphasized. Other criteria that can be considered include lack of other paid grants or scholarships (non-EU students), unpaid master’s thesis position, and multidisciplinary study profile.


You can apply online at the eAge system at https://eage.aalto.fi/?f/EDU_520 . (You will need to log in with your Aalto username and password). Applications must be submitted no later than 29.5.2020.



4 May 2020



On behalf of the Scholarship committee of the School of Chemical Engineering


Anni Rintala

Manager of Academic Affairs