Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering opens an application round for discretionary scholarships for summer schools abroad for bachelor- and master students for the summer 2019. School grants maximum three scholarships, the amount of single scholarship is 200-500 €. The scholarship may be used for covering the travel and/or participation fee of the summer school. It is seen as an advantage in the application if the studies completed in the summer school will be transferred to Aalto University degree. Attention is paid to the study field of the Summer school, it should be relevant to studies at Aalto and to the academic performance of the applicant. If you intend to transfer the credits earned in the summer school to your Aalto University degree, please discuss it first with the planning officer of your degree programme (you may be required to update your HOPS).

In addition, if necessary the applicants will be compared using an academic index (credits/semesters attended*GPA). The academic index is the same that is used for outgoing exchange student selections.

The principles for student exchange apply to summer school scholarships as well: applicant must have a GPA minimum of 2,00 and at least 25 credits in Aalto University transcript at the time of application (students chosen directly to the Master’s Degree. Bachelor’s Degree students must have at least 60 credits).

A travel report and certificate of attendance must be returned after the Summer school.

Application period: 1 – 15 May 2019.

How to apply:

During the application period send an email to international-chem@aalto.fi (title: “Summer school scholarship application”) with the following information:

  • Motivation letter
  • The program of the Summer School and an estimation of the expenses
  • A statement from your degree programme stating that the courses from the summer school will be transferred to your degree is an advantage

A link to the electronic application form will be sent to you later.