Scope: 1 ECTS
Grading: Pass / Fail
Teacher: Peter Kelly
Registration: in WebOodi

“Well connected” people appear to be “lucky”; they appear to hear about opportunities and know how to get things done. Luck seems to favor those that have developed, nurtured and are able to call upon a broad and diverse network of connections. In other words, successful individuals invest in networking but all of us can learn the skills to build our own pathways to unlock career and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Connector is a self-paced personal development resource that will empower you to:

  • Classify and curate your network
  • Identify gaps as a basis for seeking out new connections
  • Project confidence making positive first impressions with strangers
  • Make your presence felt when networking
  • Build credible bases of trust with existing and new connections
  • Invest it forward by giving first before asking

You will get the opportunity to practice your skills at a Zoom Networking Mingle(s) to be arranged in August. Networking digitally is a completely different experience than meeting strangers face-to-face. I am hopeful that we can also gain some practical and actionable insights on how digital support tools for networking should be developed.

The course is open to all students and can be taken for credit (1 ECTS) or out of personal interest. Given the self-paced design, there is no limit on enrollment.

If you want to learn more, check out my course introduction video at: