The Department of Information and Service Management (BIZ) offers following two intensive summer courses in August:

  1. 35E00650 Quantitative Models in SCM/OM 6 ECTS credits
    This course is targeted to Master's student in ISM or relevant field. The course is lectured by a visiting professor and the course provides students with an ability to use various quantitative techniques and methods to solve operations and/or supply chain related problems. The course is lectured in August 22-30. Please see more information and detailed schedule on WebOodi.

  2. 30E00150 Applied Optimization: Fundamentals and Methodologies, 6 ECTS credits
    This course is targeted to Master's and doctoral studentin ISM, Computer Science and Analytics and Data Science student. Also student is other relevant fields are welcome.

    The aim is to get acquainted with different types of nonlinear optimization problems and optimization methodologies including optimality conditions, some well-known nonlinear programming methods. A major emphasis will be given in introducing evolutionary optimization methodologies and their scope in solving practical optimization problems. Issues such as constrained handling, multi-objective optimization and decision-making, customization procedures, hybrid methodologies, uncertainty-based optimization, multi-level optimization, and large-scale optimization will be covered. A number of cases studies from industries will be discussed. Course is lectured 5-14 August & Exam 22 August. For more information and registration, please see WebOodi.