Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering announces the scholarships of the Teknos-Winter foundation open for applications. The foundation opens the applications annually to the students in the Sustainable Metals Processing major and Fuctional Materials major of the Master's Programme in Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering. The foundation grants up to two (2) scholarships of 1000 Eur. The scholarships granted will be paid in one installment. This scholarship can be granted only once for a student.  


While granting the scholarships, studies oriented on processing and utilizing materials, good study success (GPA at least about 3, progress of studies about 55cr/year), and internationalization such as completed or planned exchange period abroad will be emphasized. It is possible to apply for the scholarship for completing a Master’s Thesis, if the thesis will be worked on without compensation or salary and no other scholarships have been granted for it.


You can apply online at the eAge system at https://eage.aalto.fi/?f/EDU_520 . (You will need to log in with your Aalto username and password). Applications must be submitted no later than 29.5.2020.



4 May 2020




On behalf of the Scholarship committee of the School of Chemical Engineering


Anni Rintala

Manager of Academic Affairs