Welcome students from all faculties of Aalto to the course UWAS-C0040 Design for the Posthuman Era (3ECT)!

Climate change, COVID-19, AI technologies or Bioengineering  generate challenges that cannot be tackled using an anthropocentric perspective. Each of these challenges has created disruptions that force rethinking the type of relations humans have established with non-human actors like the environment, other species and technological objects like robots. At the same time, we are already witnessing modifications or enhancements of some humans, which raises even more questions.  What does it mean to be human in a context that challenges the idea of “man as the measure of all things”?

The course “Design for the Posthuman era” aims to open a discussion about these issues while providing tools and methods to gain awareness of the anthropocentric bias and design solutions that address posthuman relations. The course combines ethical discussions with hands-on activities that help acquire a first hand experience on what it means to design technological systems that blur the hierarchies between humans and non-human actors. Throughout the course, participants will get familiar to design thinking methods and tools to design and assess posthuman systems from a critical perspective.

Course Dates: 11.01.2021 - 15.02.2021
Mondays from 09:15 to 12:00
Further information: eva.durall@aalto.fi; jana.pejoska@aalto.fi