Dear Aalto student!

University Wide Art Studies (UWAS) will continue as a part of Aalto curriculum also this spring semester.

You can find UWAS course offering from Into: and from UWAS website: In WebOodi you can find UWAS-courses by writing “UWAS” in the search field

You can now register to the following courses:
(you don't need to separately apply for a study right for these courses)

Periodi IV
AV Club: Thinking and Doing Moving Images, 5 ECTS
UWAS-C0030 Human-Material Interaction, 2 ECTS
UWAS-C0040 Design for Transhuman Systems, 3 ECTS
UWAS-C0041 Continuous Prototype, 5 ECTS

Periodi IV-V
Artist in Residence Workshop, 3 ECTS
UWAS-C0014 Spatial Structures, 5 ECTS
UWAS-C0029 Design and Culture, 5 ECTS

Periodi V

UWAS-C0026 Innovative Approach to Circular Economy, 5 ECTS
UWAS-C0046 Creative Coding, 5 ECTS
UWAS-C0025 Art and Artificial Intelligence, 5 ECTS

What is UWAS?

University-Wide Art Studies (UWAS) offers all Aalto students and faculty an opportunity to explore art-based practices and processes beyond disciplinary boundaries. Its course portfolio consists of thematically focused and carefully curated courses where art and design facilitate transdisciplinary encounters between students from various backgrounds. UWAS aims to ensure that Aalto University graduates understand how art and creative practices shape and define the world around us and have a wide range of skills and capacities to engage with complex issues both locally and globally. To reach this goal, UWAS works toward transforming learning and teaching through arts-based practices in Aalto University and beyond.


You can register to the course even it looks full in WebOodi.  Students are accepted to UWAS-courses not only based on the order of registration, but the final selection of students will be made based on the diversity of the students and ensuring that the different schools of Aalto are represented in the selection.