Wed 12.9. 10-16, Otaniemen Campus, Kandidaattikeskus (Otakaari 1, Espoo).

Event for students and other young people who have recently moved to live on their own. The beginning of new studies and moving on your own might be exiting, wonderful and the best thing ever – but at the same time it can also be quite expensive. But no worries, luckily we have Marthas here to help!

New Beginnings is an event concentrating on sustainable life for students and other young people who have just moved to live on their own.

You are welcome to the event to look for some kitchen utensils you might need and guess what – you’ll get all for FREE!

At the event there will be all kind of kitchen articles to find, for example different kind of table ware and cooking tools. The usable kitchen utensils are donated to circulation by the Marthas and by other people. You can also get all kind of handy, cheap and ecological tips for sustainable everyday life.

See more on Facebook: Uusia alkuja, Espoo  (New Beginnings, Espoo)

See you at the event!

With regards,
Marthas from Espoo