4-hour lecture for doctoral candidates at Aalto University. Lecturer is Dr. Pekka Belt.

The lecture provides young researchers and doctoral students with understanding of writing scientific journal articles. The lecture will motivate students to start writing sooner. After the lecture the student will understand what is required from a scientific article and what the related publishing processes entail. The student will know how to approach and write a scientific journal article effectively.


The lecture is organized once a year, in autumn.

  • Autumn 2018: Writing scientific journal articles - lecture for doctoral students 12.12.2018 at 12-16 in lecture hall TU1 (Maarintie 8)


  • Practical tips for writing scientific articles
  • Improving chances for acceptance
  • Article logic, beginning and end
  • Editor's viewpoints
  • Group dynamics for writing articles
  • Discussion


Please sign up here by 4 December 2018


Emma Holmlund, emma.holmlund@aalto.fi