Water and environmental engineering provides you with diverse career opportunities. Our graduates work in numerous positions as planners, technical experts, managers and more. The employers of our graduates include the private sector, public sector, civil society as well as academia. It is also common to change your workplace; you do not have to work in one sector of society for the rest of your life!

"The Personal Learning Portfolio process aims also to help you to plan you career by recognising your key interests and strengths. It also seeks to connect you with our alumni.

We are actively developing our Master's Programme so that it provides you with right kind of knowledge and skills to promote your career. To ensure this, we have established a Stakeholders' Advisory Group for the programme and also link you with our alumni through the portfolio process. In addition, we carried in 2017 an extensive questionnaire survey to our alumni, focusing on the working-life skills they have required in different phases of their career: we are using this information to develop our programme and its contents. You can find a summary of the alumni survey here: WAT ALUMNI SURVEY.

More information about career planning from Aalto University Career Services