Graduation practices to be harmonised 31.12.2019

Aalto University is harmonising the graduation dates as of 31 December 2019. From a student viewpoint, the most notable change is that all credits must be entered into Oodi before you can submit a degree certificate request. An exception to this are master’s theses, which must be submitted for evaluation when submitting the degree certificate request at the latest. If you are a student of technology, please check the thesis processing schedule from the Into site of your school.

The deadline for submitting the degree certificate request is the official date of graduation, which will be printed on the degree certificate. It is also the submission deadline for the thesis and the maturity essay.

Checklist for graduating students

 1. Familiarize yourself with timetable

Please note that master's thesis topic and master's thesis are approved by the degree programme committee. The graduation dates between the meetings are intended for bachelor's degree students and those master's degreee students who have already approved their master's thesis. The topic for the master’s thesis and the completed master’s thesis cannot be approved at the same meeting of the degree programme committee. Please note that the deadlines are absolute. If you do not submit the documents and request the degree certificate by the deadlines given, your graduation will be automatically postponed to the next possible date of graduation.

Autumn term 2019

Deadline for applications (Mon)

Degree programme committee (Mon)

Graduation date (Thu)

Graduation ceremony (Wed) 16:00 o´clock

















Deadline for applications,

Official date of graduation printed on the certificate,

Deadline for entry of all credits into Oodi (Mon)

Degree programme committee (Mon)

Date of degree award by Dean (Tue)

Graduation ceremony (Wed) 16:00 o´clock
31.12.2019 (Tue)20.1.202021.
31.7.2020 (Fri)
23.11.202014.12.15.12.Spring 2021
31.12.2020January 2021January 2021Spring 2021

 2. Make sure that your personal study plan has been confirmed

The personal study plan is submitted electronically through SISU. If you have made you study plan already through weboodi or free form those are also valid.

 3. Make sure that you have completed all the required courses and they have been registered to the student register Oodi

Exceptions to this are credits for the master’s thesis, maturity essay, thesis seminar and transfer credits (e.g. for exchange studies), which must be completed before the deadline for submitting the degree certificate request and entered into Oodi before the date of degree award by Dean.

 4. Make sure that you have enrolled as an attending student

You must be registered as an attending student to submit a degree certificate request and graduate. You cannot graduate as a non-attending student.

 5. Submit your thesis for evaluation if you haven't done it before

Submit your thesis for evaluation according to instructions from your own programme site (Planning your studies/Completing master's thesis)

 6. Submit the electronic request for degree certificate at eAge system

Submit the electronic request for degree certificate at eAge. The deadline for submitting the degree certificate request is the official date of graduation, which will be printed on the degree certificate. The degree will be awarded by the dean 3–4 weeks after the request has been submitted, after which the student may request a provisional degree certificate. The official degree certificate will be available in about one month after the dean’s decision.

 7. Respond to the recent graduates survey

Respond to the recent graduates survey for Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK and for universities of technology. A link A to the survey is provided when filling out the Request for Degree Certificate on eAge. The School of Engineering TEK uses the questionnaire to collect feedback from graduating students on matters relating to study and employment. The feedback given is used to evaluate the functions of the University and its development, as well as to follow-up on the employment rates and salary levels of graduates.

 8. You will get email when your certificate is ready to collect

You can collect your certificate on student service deck or you can participate on graduation ceremony.

 9. Graduation ceremony at School of Engineering

If you haven’t collect your certificate on student service desk you can participate on graduation ceremony and get your certificate on ceremony. School of Engineering will have three ceremony on year 2020 and you will get invitation by email to next  graduation ceremony after you are graduate.

 10. Aalto Graduation Party 10.6.2020

The new graduates with bachelor's, master's or licentiate's degrees acquired during the academic year 2019 – 20 at Aalto University will be celebrated on 10 June 2020 in Otaniemi, Espoo. More information and registration to party you can find at

 11. After graduation we welcome you to join the Aalto Alumni Circle

Welcome you to join the Aalto Alumni Circle.

Note: Your Aalto user ID and email are only valid for 4 months after graduation date. Please remember to remove and save all important messages and files somewhere else before that. An extension to the user rights can only be obtained for a well justified reason at the IT services.

Graduation ceremonies

The degree recipients will receive an invitation to the ceremony by email to their Aalto email address about one month after the date of degree award by Dean. If you are unable to attend, you can sign up for a following ceremony.

Graduation ceremonies in 2020



at 16:00

Otakaari 1, Hall U2 (Mellin)



at 16:00

Otakaari 4, Lecture hall 213



at 16:00

Otakaari 1, Hall U2 (Mellin)

 Instructions for participants

Please remember to sign up for the ceremony at least one week in advance primarily with electronic form linked in the invitation (or by email to Degree recipients can bring a maximum of two guests to the ceremony. 

The dress code for the ceremony is relatively formal (suit for men). The graduates and guests are asked to arrive in time. The guests enter the hall before the graduates, who will be called to enter by name at the start of the ceremony. The first rows have been reserved for the graduates. The Dean will enter the hall after the graduates have be called and the audience will stand up as he enters. The ceremony includes speeches and music and it lasts for about two hours. Refreshments are available at the end of the ceremony.

Instructions for arrival:

 Collecting the diploma if not attending

Collecting the diploma if not attending

Degree recipients who are unable to attend the ceremony can obtain the certificate from the Student service desk (room 102, Otakaari 4) already one month after the date of degree award by Dean or they may authorize the School to mail the degree certificate to them. You can see the earliest possible date on the invitation message. Please note that degree certificates are mailed outside Finland only in special situations.

 Student Service desk contact information

At the Student Service Desk
  • you can get student certificates and transcripts of records are issued (you can get an official digitally-signed transcript of records via WebOodi).
  • you may enroll for the academic year (primarily through WebOodi, please see instructions)
  • you can make changes to your name and address in the student register (primary address can also be changed using WebOodi)
  • registration of students and issues related to study rights, inc. non-degree students, are handled
  • you can register to graduation ceremony or pick up your degree certificate after graduation

Visiting address: Otakaari 4, K1 building, room 102, ESPOO/Otaniemi

Postal address: Learning Services, P.O.Box 14100, 00076 AALTO, Finland
Telephone: +358 50 347 8230

Aalto University's shared helpdesk:

Open on Tuesdays and Thursdays 12 noon  2 p.m. (also upon agreement)

Exceptional closures:

Mail for Learning Services can be dropped at the mail box outside of the glass doors of the Learning Services hallway in Otakaari 4.

Please, give feedback to improve the Student Service Desk:

Starting Point

Please note also that Aalto University’s joint Starting Point will serve you in Otakaari 1, Undergraduate Centre, room Y199. 
See opening hours.

  • Certificates of student status and attendance
  • Official transcript of records (you can also get an official digitally-signed transcript of records via WebOodi)
  • Annual enrolment for the academic year (primarily done online via WebOodi)
  • Changes of name and address for the student register