Master's Programme in Water and Environmental Engineering is organized by the School of Engineering.

Water and environmental engineering is essentially about making the world work. With limited natural resources and an increasing demand for water, food, energy, we look at practical ways to develop our society in a sustainable manner. To achieve this ambitious aim, we combine a strong technical basis with a sound understanding of a broader societal context. Programme is multidisciplinary, bringing together the best of water & environmental engineering and providing a broad view of the field. Education combines theory with practice, including hands-on laboratory work, case studies and project work. The emphasis in the programme is on water-related aspects, including their relation to the environment.

Programme is student-centered, making use of our students’ varied backgrounds. Our field is diverse and you have several possibilities to pursue your career. To ensure that you will study things that you are thrilled about, you can design your own study path. Our personal portfolio process helps you to recognise your strengths and interests together with your mentor and peers. Programme focuses on what engineers do: applying theory to practice to solve critical challenges of our society. Programme provides you with competences in three complementary fields: Knowledge, Skills and Professional Identity. Our Knowledge competences include e.g. sustainability, hydrological cycle, water and environmental services as well as resource use and management systems, while Skills competences relate e.g. to technical methods, data analysis and measurement, analysis and impact assessment as well as project work skills. Professional Identity competences particularly relevant in our programme include desire for problem-solving, comprehensive and critical thinking, multidisciplinary and -sectoral view, interaction and team work skills as well as promotion of sustainable and functioning society.

Competences and related intended learning outcomes (ILOs) (updated June 2019) of the Master's Programme in Water and Environmental Engineering (WAT).


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