Aalto Wellbeing Week: Aalto FABLAB OpenDay, 5.10.2017

Aalto FABLAB: OpenDay 5.10.2017, 12-18:00! (Aalto Wellbeing Week 2017)

Aalto Wellbeing Week 2017 in collaboration with Aalto FABLAB welcomes all the eager and curious minded people of Aalto community to get acquaintance with the digital fabrication, the core activities of Aalto FABLAB.

Aalto Wellbeing Week 2017 provides two types of hands-on workshops, laser cutting and electronics on Tuesday 3.10 and Wednesday 4.10.

In addition to the specific workshops, the FABLAB open day on Thursday  5.10 provides possibilities to get familiar with other activities, FABLAB can offer.


Thu 5.10.2017 FABLAB OpenDay 12-18:00, WELCOME (no preregistration)

FABLAB OpenDay provides possibilities to get familiar with digital fabrication. Perhaps you even have a great product idea and want to change the world. Or want to meet, share and develop your ideas with similar minded makers… Warmly welcome!



Aalto Fablab
Harald Herlin Learning Centre
Otaniementie 9

What is Aalto Fablab?:

Aalto Fablab is an Open-Access Digital Fabrication Lab, which means the tools, tech and facilities are available for all to use.

In practice, this means that our doors are open to any member of the Aalto community (students, staff, researchers, etc.) during our normal opening hours, and that we regularly hold public open days and events for absolutely anyone to attend.

What Is a Fab Lab?

Aalto Fablab is part of a global network of 1000+ Fab Labs. A Fab Lab is a technology prototyping platform where learning, experimentation, innovation and invention are encouraged through curiosity, creativity, hands-on making and crucially through open knowledge sharing.


Read more of Aalto Fablab (fablab.aalto.fi)



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      1. Aalto ENGin miniluento Koe kampus! –tapahtumassa to 26.10.2017
      2. Aalto Wellbeing Week 2-6.10.2017
      3. Aalto Wellbeing Week, ELO Film School Finland presents: Screening of Student Films 4.10. at 10-11 and 15-16, Otaniemi
      4. Aalto Wellbeing Week, Taidetyöpaja / Art workshop 4.10. klo/at 14-15 (Arabia)
      5. Aalto Wellbeing Week, Töölö 5.10.
      6. Aalto Wellbeing Week: 2.10 Mielen Melodiat-verkkovalmennus käynnistyy! - Online wellbeign training begins!
      7. Aalto Wellbeing Week: 3.10.2017 Otaniemi
      8. Aalto Wellbeing Week: 3.10 Susanna Rahkamon luento/lecture
      9. Aalto Wellbeing Week: Aalto FABLAB Electronics workshops 4.10.2017
      10. Aalto Wellbeing Week: Aalto FABLAB laser cutter workshops 3.10.2017
      11. Aalto Wellbeing Week: Aalto FABLAB OpenDay, 5.10.2017
      12. Aalto Wellbeing Week: EiR Juha Äkräs lecture on Life Balance 4.10.2017 at 14:00
      13. Aalto Wellbeing Week: Mindfulness and Self-Compassion, 3.10., 5.10. and 6.10.
      14. Aalto Wellbeing Week: YIN jooga/yoga 6.10.2017
      15. Exchagne information in Töölö 20.10.2017
      16. FallUp 2017 by Aalto Entrepreneurship Society
      17. How to prepare your publication at the Aalto Series publication platform 10.10.2017
      18. Industryhack DL 29.9. – StudyWhat with Aalto University 26.–27.10.
      19. Konergia-festivaali 16.10.2017
      20. Microsoft Azure Campus Event for Researchers
      21. Muotoilun suojaaminen – Kannattava sijoitus vai rahan hukkaa? 25.10.2017, Töölö
      22. Open access clinic 25.10.2017
      23. TOKYOn joulumyyjäisten (1.-3.12.) pöytämyynti alkaa ke 4.10.
      24. Vaihtoinfo Otaniemessä 10.10.2017
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