How can the AI Science Assistant help you with the thesis project



Using neural models for reading scientific language

How to build a machine that understands text? What are neural models bringing to the table? What is and how can the AI Science Assistant help you with the thesis project?

WHAT Join the co-founders of for an informal demo & discussion event to learn how to benefit from Premium for your research and to talk about machines that understand language. 

WHY Premium is now available for students and employees of Aalto University at Harald Herlin Learning Centre (Otaniementie 9. At the event you will learn how to use the AI tool in practice and how it differs from the mainstream keyword-based search tools. 

WHEN September 13th at 1:00-3:00pm, Aalto University Learning Centre (Otaniementie 9, Espoo)


1:00pm - Welcome & Introduction, Maria Ritola / Co-Founder, 

1:10pm - Building a machine that understands language, Victor Botev / CTO & Co-Founder, 

1:40pm - tool demo

2:30pm - Q&A

3:00pm - Wrap-up

The event is open to everyone hosted by Aalto University &

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