Research Ethics Course for Doctoral Students 26.5.-26.6.2017


Intended for doctoral students, recommended for first or second year doctoral students.


Online course: 26 May – 26 June 2017

Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course a doctoral candidate is able to:

  1. recognise and analyse key research ethical questions
  2. formulate ethical research plans and responses to ethical challenges by applying key
    ethical theories and approaches
  3. recognise and understand key ethical principles guiding research and how they apply to research work
  4. understand the Finnish Responsible Conduct of Research guidelines, processes for
    dealing with research misconduct, and processes for applying research license or ethical review
  5. identify rights and responsibilities as a researcher
  6. understand how ethical decisions and choices influence society and research community


Dr Henriikka Mustajoki is the course coordinator.

Mode of study

The course will be taught online ( You will be sent an enrolment key to login. The course languages are English and Finnish (both languages are accessible on the same site). Most of the course is self-directed and allows for great flexibility with when and where it is done. However, assessments have strict deadlines.


1 ECTS, please check the course description here.


Sign up here  by 18 May! Open for doctoral candidates in all schools of Aalto University.


On questions regarding enrolment, you can contact Emma on

On all other questions, you can contact Henriikka on

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    1. 01-2017 Tammikuu, Januari, January
    2. 02-2017 Helmikuu, Februari, February
    3. 03-2017 Maaliskuu, Mars, March
    4. 04-2017 Huhtikuu, April, April
    5. 05-2017 Toukokuu, Maj, May
      1. Aalto Festival 2.–31.5.
      2. Aalto Start-Up Center Spring Festival 23.5.2017, 14-17
      3. Harald Herlin Learning Centre Demo Day 19.5. 10.00-18.00
      4. Health transformations: How smarter use of data can improve health and wellbeing – and stimulate the economy
      5. How to prepare your publication at the Aalto Series publication platform 9.5.2017
      6. Maisterien uraseurannan valtakunnallisten tulosten julkistustilaisuus 3.5. Töölön kampuksella
      7. Millennium Talks: Asking more from research, 17–18.5.2017
      8. Research Ethics Course for Doctoral Students 26.5.-26.6.2017
      9. TUTL-rahoitushakuinfo - TUTL funding application info session 22.5.2017, 10-12
      10. Writing the compiling part of an article dissertation 22.5.2017
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    8. 08-2017 Elokuu, Augusti, August
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