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Academic writing is demanding for everyone. Writing your abstract thesis, the thesis or dissertation itself, or journal article in English adds an extra challenge for non-native writers. We want to facilitate your writing process and help you improve as a writer.


Individual writing tutoring to help you learn how to plan, organise, write and revise academic papers whether short or long; consultations are generally 60 minutes long and arranged in Otaniemi at Otakaari 1 (Undergraduate Centre), or upon direct request to the consultant via Skype Business or Zoom/Skype.

Clients can use the service for a total of eight hours per academic year. Most Aalto degree students, and some schools' faculty may use our service. See Who? below for more details.

We also provide help with simple and brief questions about writing via our mailbox or Facebook.

Please note that the Writing Clinic is not an editing or proof-reading service. Our mission is to help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses as a writer and come alongside you to help develop your own writing skills and proficiency. Inquiries for proof-reading services for a separate charge can be made via this page which lists our current teachers available for this.

Booking occurs via our MyCourses site.


For most Aalto University degree students at the Aalto schools (ARTS, BIZ, CHEM, ELEC, ENG, and SCI) with some restrictions.
More specifically, users are: All Master's and doctoral students at all schools; Bachelor degree students of most schools, except for ARTS; and faculty members (i.e. post-doc, visiting researcher, associate professor, or professor) of most schools, except for SCI.


During the academic autumn and spring semesters of each academic year. Summer times are not offered or guaranteed unless individual consultants are permitted to do so. Therefore, individual consultants may offer times earlier and/or later than the dates indicated. If you've worked with one of them earlier, email them directly to ask if they might be available earlier or later.


Book via MyCourses

For further inquiries, contact: writingclinic@aalto.fi or Facebook

N.B. This service is unfortunately not available to visiting or exchange students at this university, but only Aalto degree students and faculty.

If you would like information on any of our courses that focus on writing, please go to our English courses page.

The Language Centre also offers a sister service, the Speech Clinic, for guidance and support on presentation and speech skills in English and Finnish. This service has been limited to only doctoral, post doc and faculty members, but please check the Speech Clinic MyCourses site for the latest information.