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enmib:studies Studies in double degree or other collaborative programmes

titleDouble degrees for Strategy students

The application period for the Double Degree Programme takes place once a year. The application period is 4–30 September 2018 (4:00 pm). The link to the online application form is published and active only during the application period.

Before applying to the double degree program at University of Cologne, please contact your Planning Officer.

International double degree programmes


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bizpankki:studies in double degree
programmes are two-year Master’s programmes in English, where you study at two universities and graduate from both. The students participating in the programme will earn two degree certificates in addition to gaining valuable international experience.  

Note! Only Aalto University School of Business students can apply for the double degree programmes. In case you are not a Master's student at Aalto University School of Business, you need to first apply and be admitted in the Master's admissions to obtain a study right. Application to double degree programmes is a separate internal application process.

The students of Aalto University School of Business can apply to a double degree programme and study towards two degrees in parallel: the Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) degree at the School of Business and a Master's degree at the partner university. In the double degree programme, you study one year at the School of Business and one year at the partner university. Scholarships are available for the period of studying abroad.

Why complete a double degree?

  • Increase the depth of your understanding in the study field
  • Gain international and intercultural perspective
  • Challenge yourself academically
  • Differentiate your degree to attract employers
  • 2 degrees in 2 years

or other collaborative programmes
bizpankki:studies in double degree or other collaborative programmes