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1st year

Summer/ autumn

Student uses own contacts to search for a thesis position in a company (but if position is not found, devise own topic or look for advertised topic from Professor, see below)

2nd year


Student familiarises themselves with the Master’s thesis guidelines and this thesis process.

2nd year


Student contacts supervisor to suggest a thesis topic (if own topic or from company) or to apply for an advertised topic.  A list of professors under each major can be found at same link.

If the first contacted professor is unable to supervise your thesis they may refer you to the professor responsible for the major. They will then assist you in finding a supervisor.  You can also contact the professor responsible for the major directly if you do not receive any reply from the first contacted professor.

2nd year


Supervising professor and student (and the company advisor where relevant) hold a kick-off meeting to make final agreement on the topic.

Student then applies topic officially (online form).

Student starts familiarizing themselves with the topic and makes a research plan.

2nd year


Student presents research plan to the professor (which is then informally approved by professor or requested to be revised)

2nd year

January – March

Thesis work and writing.

Student can take the course LC-1320 Thesis Writing for Engineers (MSc), if needed.

2nd year


Student finalizes the thesis and agrees with the supervisor and the advisor when thesis is ready.

Student gives a seminar presentation and writes a maturity essay.

2nd year


Student applies for thesis evaluation (online form) and graduation (if all the courses included in the degree are completed).