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1.      Semester

2.      Semester

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4.      Semester



Introduction to Advanced Energy Solutions, EENAAE-E1000, 5 ECTS, I-II

EEN-E3002 Power process simulation (5 ECTS) III

MJ2475 Theory & methodology of science in energy research (6 ECTS)                 

MJ248x Thesis, 30 ECTS

EEN-E2007 Energy, Environment and Emission Control (5 ECTS), II

EEN-E3001 Fundamentals of industrial energy engineering (5 ECTS), III

MJ2383 Energy system economics modeling and indicators for

sustainable development (6 ECTS)

EEN-E1010 Power Plants and Processes (5 ECTS), I-II

PHYS-E0483 Advances in New Energy Technologies (5 ECTS), III- IV

MJ2382 Energy data, balances and projections (6 ECTS)

EEN-E3007 Process Integration and Energy Optimization (5 ECTS), II

31E01310 Energy and Environmental Economics (5 ECTS), V

MJ2440 Measurement techniques (3 ECTS)

MS-E2140 Linear programming (5 ECTS), I

Elective courses from list2

MJ2409 Applied energy technology project course 9 (ECTS)

Elective courses from list1




= 30 ECTC

= 30 ECTS

= 30 ECTS

= 30 ECTS