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Structure of the minor

TAI-E3006Introduction to Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art5

Philosophy and Theory of Art

TAI-E3130Grounds of Culture5
TAI-E3113Authorship and Agency5
TAI-E3131Literary Spaces5
TAI-E3114Images, Tropes and Narratives5
TAI-E3132Modes of Writing5
TAI-E3118Artistic Research Practices5
TAI-E3115Experimental Theory Workshop5
TAI-E3133Rogue Cultures5
TAI-E3103Mediums and Dimensions5
TAI-E3101Context, Site and Situation5
TAI-E3134Extending Artistic Practice5
TAI-E3135Living and Non-living5
TAI-E3136Environment Now5
TAI-E3117Film as Culture, Film as Contemporary Art5
TAI-E3104Situated Urban5
TAI-E3138Histories in the Present5
TAI-E3139Critical Perspectives and Practices in Curating5
TAI-E3140Local Agencies in the Field of Art5
TAI-E3141Publics and Mediating Art5
TAI-E3142Exhibition as Learning Environment5
TAI-E3143Curatorial Project5