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Sivuaine suomeksi: Mikroaaltotekniikka


CodeCourseECTSTeaching period
Compulsory course; 5ECTS
ELEC-E4420Microwave engineering I5III-IV
Elective courses; 20 ECTS
ELEC-E4410Electromagnetic and circuit simulations5III
ELEC-E9111Mathematical Computing5I-II
ELEC-E4130Electromagnetic fields5I-II
ELEC-E3120Analysis and Design of Electronic Circuits5I-II
ELEC-E4430Microwave engineering II5IV-V
ELEC-E4440Microwave engineering workshop5I-III
ELEC-E4710Computational electromagnetics5IV-V (offered odd years, next time in 2019)
ELEC-E4720Advanced circuit theory5IV-V (offered even years, next time in 2020)
ELEC-E4720E4730Advanced field theory5IV-V (offered odd years, next time in 2019)
ELEC-E4740Antennas workshop5I-II
ELEC-E4750Radiowave scattering and propagation5I-II (offered even years, next time in 2018)
ELEC-E4760Terahertz techniques5V (offered even years, next time in 2020)
Two of the four elective courses can be chosen from any ELEC-E4xyz course; 10 ECTS.