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The compulsory courses are:

uusikoodiDOM-E5123Designerly Approaches to Social Media3
DOM-E5111Interaction Design Course3-5
DOM-E5024Introduction to Media Art and Culture3
DOM-E5041New Media Exam1
Student also chooses one of these two:

DOM-E5032Software Studies for Media Designers3-5
DOM-E5060Software Studies: Programming for Artists3-5
The remaining credits can be chosen from the following list:

DOM-E50253D User Interface Design3-5
uusikoodiDOM-E5124Alive Dead Media3uusikoodi
DOM-E5125Embodied interaction3-5
DOM-E5074Composing with Data Flow Programming3-5
uusikoodiDOM-E5122Contemporary Web Development3uusikoodi
DOM-E5128Digital Fabrication Studio3-5
DOM-E5108From Data to Pixels3
DOM-E5088Game Design Basics Workshop3
DOM-E5038Generative and Interactive Narratives3
DOM-E5106Generative Media Coding3
DOM-E5112Interaction Design Workshop3
DOM-E5004Interactive Art3-5
DOM-E5015Internet Technologies and Techniques3-5
DOM-E5056Multitouch Interaction3
DOM-E5043Physical Interaction Design3-5
DOM-E5003Systems of Representation3-6