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Master's Programme in Foundations of Advanced Computing

In the application round 2015, this programme will merge to a new Master’s Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences. Please find more information on the programme as well as admission on the website at

 This site is intended for current FAdCo students, offering study and practical information in a concise format.

Objectives of the programme

The global computing infrastructure of the future will be founded on a complex and extensively distributed network of heterogeneous subsystems of varying degrees of autonomy. The emergence of this structure will lead to fundamentally new practices in how computing systems and services are designed, developed, implemented, and applied.

Students in the FAdCo Master's Programme will receive a solid and versatile education preparing them for a career in exploiting and advancing these exciting new computing technologies. The programme provides the students with fundamental conceptual tools for the modelling, design and analysis of advanced computing systems, with further specialisation in one of its four focus areas: computational logic, computational complexity, cryptology, and distributed computation. The programme also provides the students a possibility to complement their degree by studies abroad.

FAdCo Staff

The director of the programme is Professor Kaisa Nyberg, and the academic coordinator of the programme is D.Sc. (Tech.) Emilia Oikarinen.

The senior academic personnel responsible for the FAdCo programme are Prof. Pekka Orponen and Prof. Petteri Kaski (combinatorial algorithms and computation), Prof. Kaisa Nyberg (cryptology), Prof. Stavros Tripakis (formal methods and cyber-physical systems), Prof. Aristides Gionis (data mining) and Prof. Jukka Suomela (distributed algorithms). For contact information and other personnel in the Department of Information and Computer Science, see

Additional Information

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