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Curriculum 2014 - 2016

SDE is two Master's programs

  • The Aalto "home" SDE program. This is a two year Master's program where the student studies the full two years at Aalto. You can find information on this program here.
  • The EIT (European Institute of Technology) SDE program. This is also a two-year program, but the student will study each year at a different university. For information on the EIT Master's programs, click this link.
  • The Aalto Ventures Program (AVP) is an important part of the Aalto SDE program and provides the framework for Entrepreneurial studies in the SDE programs. For more information on the AVP program, visit the program's pages here.
Aalto SDE curriculumThe curriculumThe full curriculum for the two years of the Aalto SDE Master's program can be found in the SDE study guide for 2013program 2014-2016.