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ICS Summer Internship Program 2015

The Department of Information and Computer Science at Aalto University is recruiting a substantial number of summer interns to work on the following research topics during summer 2015: 

  •     ABS - Applications of Boolean Satisfiability
  •     APT - Answer-Set Programming Tools
  •     ASA - Algorithmic Self-Assembly of DNA and RNA Nanostructures
  •     BCC - Block Cipher Cryptanalysis
  •     BMD - Statistical Data Analysis for Biomarker Discovery and Disease Prediction
  •     BMP - Distributed Algorithms for Bump Hunting on Graphs
  •     CLE - Computerized Learning Environments
  •     CPM - Computational Personalized Medicine
  •     CRY- Summer Student in the Cryptography Research Group
  •     CVS - Compositional Verification of Simulink Models
  •     DAG - Structured Prediction on Directed Acyclic Graphs
  •     DDA - Designing Distributed Graph Algorithms
  •     DIM - Bioinformatics: Data Integration in Molecular Biology
  •     DLI - Deep Learning Applied to Image Data
  •     DLU - Deep Learning with Novel Unsupervised Methods
  •     DTC - Distances, Trees, and Circulations in Large-Scale Networks
  •     ECD - Exploring Cities through User-Generated Data
  •     EEP - Engineering Efficient Parallel Algorithms
  •     HCI - Information Visualization: Human Computer Interaction
  •     IBP - Invariant Based Programming in Isabelle/HOL
  •     IGS - Inferring Graph Structure
  •     IIM - Statistical Machine Learning: Inference on Intractable Models
  •     MAN - Statistical Machine Learning: Meta-Analysis
  •     MFN - Matrix Factorization for Metagenomic Network Analysis
  •     MHD - Multi-GPU Finite-Difference Solvers for Magnetohydrodynamics
  •     MKL - Multiple Kernel Learning for Complex Input and Output
  •     MLG - Mining Labeled Graphs
  •     MOP - Motif Search with Massively Parallel Computing
  •     MSB - Machine Learning for Modeling Synthetic Biology Systems
  •     MSG - Mining Stream Graphs
  •     NEU - Neuroinformatics
  •     OBL - Statistical Machine Learning: On-Line Bayesian Learning
  •     OCA - Online Courseware for Algorithmics
  •     PGM - Statistical Machine Learning: Probabilistic Graphical Models for Variable Groups
  •     PMO - Information Visualization: Probabilistic Models
  •     PPR - Statistical Machine Learning: Preserving Privacy
  •     RFS - Robust Feature Selection for Multiple Genetic Markers
  •     RLH - Statistical Machine Learning: Reinforcement Learning and Human-Computer Interaction
  •     RNI - Regulatory Network Inference
  •     ROB - Robust and Easily Programmable Distributed Supercomputing
  •     VDA - Visualising Distributed Algorithms

Prerequisites for summer interns: Bachelor's or Master's degree student at Aalto University (or other Finnish university), success in studies of information and computer science, mathematics, or bioinformatics, and interest in scientific research work.

Application deadline: January 26, 2015.

For more information and the details of the application procedure, see the complete call published at