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Degree in Architecture


Major (Architecture)


Elective studies


  • At least 15 cr of elective studies must be selected from alternative studies in the Master's Programme in Architecture. Architecture studies completed elsewhere (for example, abroad) can also be accepted for credit.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned 15 cr, 3-12 cr of internship can also be accepted as elective studies.

Master’s Thesis(ARK.thes)


The thesis is completed on one of the following topics:

  1. Building Design (Professorships: Housing Design, Building Design, Building Technology, Wood Constructions, Design of Structures,Health and Wellbeing Architecture, Emergent Design Methodologies);
  2. Urban Planning and Design (Professorships: Urban Planning, Urban Design,Computational Methodology in Landscape Architecture and Urbanism);
  3. History and Theory of Architecture (Professorships: Architectural Principles and Theory , History of Architecture)Architectural Principles and Theory, History of Architecture)