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Responsible professor: Marjaana Kella

Aims of the Master of Arts (Art and Design) degree

The aim of the degree is to provide students with:


The education shall be based on scientific research and artistic activity and professional practices in the field.

Learning Outcomes of the Master's Programme in Photography

Content Outcomes:

  • Studies give the opportunity to explore different forms of expression and ways of working, and give tools to develop the student's own artistic work
  • The student deepens his/her earlier expression skills, artistic vision and vocational competence
  • The student gains a general understanding of contemporary art and the field of visual culture and can relate his/her activities to it
  • Graduates of the Master’s Degree Programme in Photography understand the many different uses and special characteristics of a photograph and can work independently and professionally on the field of visual culture and photography

Skill Outcomes:

  • The student masters techniques and ways of working that support their own expression
  • The student knows different photography publication processes and platforms
  • The student is able to network nationally and internationally and present his/her competence to actors in the photography field
  • After completing their studies, the student has the capabilities to life-long learning

Academic Skills:

  • He/she knows the trends and methods in photography research and, more broadly, in visual culture research and the related knowledge theory backgrounds.
  • He/she can read, analyze and write academic reseach text and use different information sources
  • The student understands different research and writing methods and can apply those for example to artistic research
  • After completing a master’s degree, the student has the capabilities studies in photography.

Education Content

The studies emphasize photography as a means of independent and multidisciplinary arts expression as well as the development of artistic and research thinking.