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Elective Studies 30 cr

In addition to major studies, students choose 30 ECTS of elective studies. As elective studies, students can complete minor studies and/or take individual courses from other programmes at Aalto University or other Finnish universities, participate in an international student exchange programme, do an internship in Finland or abroad, or take elective courses offered by Master’s Degree Programme in Photography. The offering of a major’s elective studies may vary depending on the academic year.

Freely elective studies offered by the programme of photography



ECTS Credits

Professional elective courses

DOM.traiPractical Training5-15 *



1-2 +


Textbook Exam

2–6 +

DOM-E3041     Study Journal1-2 +

Photography Workshops and Projects

In the master's programme of photography students can choose to take photography workshops and projects also to their elective studies. See the list of workshops and projects from Advanced studies.