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The main area of interest in the major in interior architecture is the interaction of spaces and the objects and furnishings in them. Space and the environment formed by objects are viewed with a human scale as the starting point. Space is understood not only in terms of its functional properties but also as a multidimensional basic unit providing multisensory experiences and combining the tradition of design with the yet unknown forms of expression of the future. In particular, the properties that shape the identity of space, materials, colours, lighting and acoustics, are subjects of interest in teaching.

Studies proceed from maintaining continuous interest, wide-ranging curiosity and a shared sense of wonderment. Students mostly work on concrete design assignments, developing personal vision and the basic technical skills of their field. The major also contains studies in history, theory and arts subjects.

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aaltopankki:ARTS, maisteriohjelmat, uutisvirta
aaltopankki:ARTS, maisteriohjelmat, uutisvirta

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