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III  periodIntensive weekIV periodIntensive weekV periodIntensive week
DOM-E0005 Research Skills/Tutkimustaidot in English (Choose one)

DOM-E0005 Research Skills/Tutkimustaidot in Finnish (Choose one)

DOM-E3038 Artistic Work Seminar
DOM-E3039 Photography Theory and History of Contemporary Photography
DOM-E3015 Projects
DOM-E3042  Photography Workshops: On CirculationDOM-E3042 Photography Workshops: Fine Art PrintingDOM-E3042 Photography Workshops: WorldmakingDOM-E3042 Photography Workshops: Critisism as a positive toolDOM-E3042 Photography Workshops: Performativity as Photographic PowerDOM-E3042 Photography Workshops: Artistic Portfolio
DOM-E3042  Photography Workshops: Creative Writing
DOM-E3042 Photography Workshops: Moving Image

DOM-E3042  Photography Workshops: New Platforms

DOM-E3030  Clinics: Flash

Second study year

Fall semester