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Advanced studies (select 30 cr, please note the prerequisities in Oodi)

CodeName of the courseCreditsTeaching termNote 
EEN-E9010Energy Project5I-II (starts in 2017) 
Heat and Power Processes
EEN-E2001Computational Fluid Dynamics5III-IV 
EEN-E2002Combustion Technology5III 

 Course has been removed. Can replace:

AAE-E3030 Numerical Modeling of Multiphase Flows L

EEN-E2004Mass Transfer5III-IV 
EEN-E2005Bioenergy I5I

 Course has been removed. Can replace:

AAE-E3050 Bioenergy and Biofuels L

EEN-E2006Bioenergy II5II Course has been removed.
EEN-E2007Energy, Environment and Emission Control5II 
Energy Systems for Industry and Communities
EEN-E3001Fundamentals of Industrial Energy Engineering5III-IV 
EEN-E3002Power Process Simulation5IV-V 
EEN-E3003Industrial Drying and Evaporation Processes5IV 
EEN-E3004District Heating and Cooling5III 
EEN-E3005Exercises in Energy Technology5IV-V 
EEN-E3006Energy Markets5I (starts in 2017) 
EEN-E3007Process Integration and Energy Optimisation5II (starts in 2017) 
 Building and HVAC Technology
EEN-E4001Comfortable and Healthy Indoor Environments5III 
EEN-E4002Heating and Cooling Systems5III 
EEN-E4003Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems5IV 
EEN-E4004Fundamentals of HVAC Design5IV-V 
EEN-E4005Sustainable Building Energy SystemsV 
EEN-E4006Advanced HVAC Design5I-II 
EEN-E4007Building Energy Optimisation5I-II 

Courses by other programmes 
(can be included in the advanced studies in Energy Technology)

CHEM-E1120Thermochemical Processes5III-V  
ELEC-E8406Electricity Distribution and Markets5III-IV 
MEC-E2010Computational Fluid Modelling5I (starts in 2017)