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Discontinued course Can be replaced
MAA-C2005Geometric Models in Engineering

MS-C1530 Curves and surfaces or

MS-C1001 Shapes in action or

UWAS-C0014 Spatial Structures

MAA-C3001Statistical and Stochastic Methods in Engineering

MS-A050x First course in probability and statistics or

CS-E3210 Machine learning basic principles

ENE-C3002Models for Decision Support in Engineering

MS-C2105 Introduction to optimization or

MS-E2134 Decision making and problem solving

Check the prerequisites of the courses!

uYYTYYT-C3002Application Programming in Engineering

CS-C3150 Software Engineering or

COE-C3005 Finite Element and Finite Difference Methods or

ENG-A1003 Numerical Methods in Engineering

RAK-C3005Project Course on Computational Modelling in EngineeringAny of the above (if not already used to replacement)