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CodeName of the courseCreditsPeriod
Marine Technology
MEC-E2001           Ship Hydrodynamics5II
MEC-E2002Ship Buoyancy and Stability5II
MEC-E2003Passenger Ships5II
MEC-E2004Ship Dynamics5IV-V
MEC-E2005Ship Systems5III
MEC-E2007Ship Stuctures and Construction5IV-V
MEC-E2009Marine Risks and Safety5I
MEC-E2010Computational Fluid Modelling5I-II
MEC-E2011Ship Design Portfolio5III-V
MEC-E2012Computational Marine Hydrodynamics5I
Product Development
MEC-E3001Product Development Project10-15I-V
MEC-E3003 System Engineering Design5III
MEC-E3100ME310 Team Based Design Orientation5I
MEC-E3101ME310 Global Innovation Course 1/35II
MEC-E3102ME310 Global Innovation Course 2/35III-IV
MEC-E3103 ME310 Global Innovation Course 3/310IV-V
MEC-E3999Product Development Course with varying content V1-10any 

Arctic Technology 

MEC-E4001Winter Navigation5III
MEC-E4002Ice Loads on Structures5IV
MEC-E4003Ice Mechanics5I
MEC-E4004Model Scale Testing in Ice5II
MEC-E5001Mechatronic Machine Design5III
MEC-E5002Mechatronics Project10III-IV
MEC-E5003Fluid Power Basics5III-IV
MEC-E5004Fluid Power Systems5I-II 
MEC-E5005Fluid Power Dynamics5I-II
MEC-E5006Vehicle Mechatronics5II
Engineering Materials
MEC-E6001Engineering Metals and AlloysV
MEC-E6002Welding Technology and Design5V
MEC-E6003Materials Safety5I
MEC-E6004Non-destructive Testing5II
MEC-E6005Engineering Materials Seminar5V
MEC-E6006Engineering Materials Laboratory5I-II
Production Engineering
MEC-E7001Production Systems Modelling5III
MEC-E7002Manufacturing Methods I5III-IV
MEC-E7003Manufacturing Methods II5IV-V
MEC-E7004Industrial Project5III-V and I-II
MEC-E7005Advanced Casting Technology5IV 
MEC-E7006Advanced Manufacturing5IV
MEC-E7007Factory Project5I-II
Solid Mechanics
MEC-E8001Finite Element Analysis5III
MEC-E8002Continuum Mechanics and Material Modelling5III
MEC-E8003Beam, Plate and Shell Models5IV
MEC-E8005Thin-walled Structures5I
MEC-E8006Fatigue of Structures5II
MEC-E8007Fracture Mechanics5V
Societal Perspectives on Engineering
MEC-E9020Patentit (only in Finnish)III-IV
MEC-E9110Introduction to History of Science, Technology and Innovation3-6II
MEC-E9120Perspectives on Industrial and Technological Change3-6IV
Courses from other programmes at Aalto University
EEN-E1040Measurement and Control of Energy Systems5I-V
EEN-E2002Combustion Technology5III
EEN-E3002Power Process Simulation5IV-V
EEN-E2001Computational fluid dynamics5III-IV
ELEC-E8405Electric Drives5I
ELEC-E8101Digital and Optimal Control5I-II
ELEC-E8103Modelling, Estimation and Dynamic Systems5I