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Exchange students do not need to pay the tuition fees in the host universities, but other expenses are covered by the student. If the study abroad is organized independently as a freemover, the student has to pay the tuition fees. Aalto University awards a scholarship for all the students accepted for exchange by their School. The scholarships are paid if the necessary requirements are fulfilled. 


The amount of the scholarship is confirmed yearly, changes are possible. For academic year 2018-2019 Aalto University offers a scholarship of 1500€ per exchange semester.

Students in CHEM, ELEC, ENG, SCI and ARTS can also apply for exchange for the whole academic year (2 semesters). For the academic year 2018-2019 the scholarship amount is 2500€ .

Students can receive the exchange scholarship more than once. ARTS students are entiled to a maximum of 2500€ scholarship per study level.

For those selected for the exchange placements in Aalto University partner universities the scholarship will be granted automatically. ARTS students have to fill in a separate scholarship application after acceptance.

Students applying for a Freemover scholarship need to apply for the scholarship separately.

The exchange scholarship is strictly tied to the amount of studies student complete on exchange and is dependent on  fulfilling the stated requirements. If the requirements are not completed, the student may have to either partly or fully refund the scholarship.

The scholarship does not effect your annual income limit concerning the student benefits from KELA. 

The scholarship is not normally considered as taxable income. More detailed information from

Payment of scholarships

The scholarships are paid in two instalments:

  1. The first part of the scholarship is paid before departure.
  2. The second is paid once the student has returned and has submitted all of the required documents (please see After the exchange for more information). In addition, the completed studies have to be transferred to the degree at Aalto University.

In case the student fails to get his/her studies approved and the required amount of credits is not accomplished, the student is responsible for the possible financial consequences (returning the first part of the scholarship or losing the second part of it).

In case student fails to complete the required amount of studies regardless of his/her efforts (e.g. cancellation of a course) the student is to provide written evidence (e.g. a note from a professor).

The scholarship can be paid in slightly different ways depending on the exchange program.

Bilateral agreements

In the Academic Year 2018–2019 the first part of the scholarship for Bilateral destinations is paid 80% before the exchange and 20% after the exchange. The second installment of the scholarship will take place after the student has returned all of the required documents and the required number of credits has been transferred to the degree. 


For Erasmus+ exchange students the scholarship is partially funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. Aalto University supplements the Erasmus+ scholarship in case it does not amount up to the sum of the Aalto University scholarship.

As an exchange student you do not need to apply separately for the scholarship. Your coordinator will inform you about technicalities. 

The Erasmus+ Programme also offers extra scholarships for students with underage children and for students with special needs or disabilities. Please contact your coordinator for more information.

Erasmus+ scholarships for academic year 2018-2019: to be confirmed in June 2018

Because of the scholarship payment policies of the external financier (European Union), students moving within the Erasmus+ network will be paid different sums in the first installment. The total scholarship amount for Erasmus exchange will remain the same, i.e. 1500 €, but the amounts paid in the first and second instalments will vary depending on which group the host country belongs to and the length of the exchange.

  1.  The first installment of the exchange scholarship will be paid to the student from the funds of the Erasmus+ programme. The amount is based on the estimated length of the exchange and the group the host country belongs to (see below). As a rule, the first installment will be 3 times the monthly amount. The rest of the Erasmus+ scholarship will be paid in the second installment according to the length of the exchange. The second installment will be supplemented with Aalto University's own funds up to 1500€.
  2. The second installment of the scholarship will be paid when the student fulfills the requirements set for the exchange, i.e. submits all the requested documents and completes the required number of credits.

If the length of the Erasmus exchange period is longer or shorter than a typical semester, the first installment of the Erasmus scholarship may differ from that in the examples.

 Destination countries in 2017-18 have been divided into 2 Erasmus scholarship groups:

Group 1Austria, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom300 eur /month*
Group 2Belgium, Bulgaria Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia240 eur /month*

(* Monthly amounts confirmed for the academic year 2017-2018, the final amount of monthly scholarship will be confirmed in June yearly).

Examples of Erasmus scholarships in 2017-18

Examples of exchanges

Start date

End date

Duration of exchange (months)

1st part of scholarship EUR (Erasmus Funding)

Exchange scholarship in total EUR

Example 1: autumn term in Germany (group 2 country)






Example 2: spring term in France (group 1 country)






Example 4: academic year in France (group 1 country)






Example 5: academic year in Germany (group 2 country)






Estimating the length of the Erasmus+ scholarship

The length of the exchange influences the Erasmus+ scholarship. Hence, the exact dates of the exchange must be reported. 

  • The length of the stay will be proven with a Letter of Confirmation form (or a similar document) signed by the host university.
  • Start date of the exchange period: welcome event or registration at the university or the starting date of the courses.
  • End date of the exchange period: the last day of exam period or the day when the courses end.
  • If a student participates in a language course in the host country before the exchange period starts, it can be counted to the length of the exchange. 
  • The length of Erasmus exchange is 3-12 months.
  • If the reported dates deviate noticeably from the dates given before the exchange period started or from the regular semester dates in the host university, the home university may ask for further information from the host university.

Other exchange programmes with external funding

Externally funded programmes (for example, Erasmus, Nordplus and FIRST) may award scholarships that differ in amount from those awarded by Aalto University, but students who have submitted an application will be instructed about the scholarship best suited for their needs. No additional application is required. 

Accessibility support

You can receive accessibility support if your special needs create additional expenses to your exchange studies and you cannot get similar support from elsewhere. However, you cannot get this support for expenses you also have in Finland.

The Finnish National Agency for Education gives accessibility support for students, teachers and staff participating in the following programs Erasmus+ -FIRST-Nordplus-north2north- and North–South–South. 

You should apply for the support well before your exchange. The application period is ongoing. Please contact the exchange coordinator of your school to assist with the accessibility support application process. The applicant and the school will fill in their specific parts to the same form. Afterwards, the school will send the application to the National Agency for Education.

The final support sum is based on real expenses. The minimum support amount is 200 euros. The sum always depends on the needs of the applicant and each case is reviewed individually.

  • Contact the Planning Officer for exchange studies or the accessibility contact person of your School approximately 6 months before your departure.
  • Find out about accessibility at your exchange destination using the university’s Web site, the HEAG database, or MapAbility . You can contact the university’s accessibility coordinator directly.
  • If you use services under the Act on Services and Assistance for the Disabled or receive regular rehabilitation: contact the providers at an early stage (e.g. Kela or the insurance company).
  • If you use accessibility aids: ensure the validity of their insurance abroad.
  • If you use medication: please bring all the medicine you need during your exchange from Finland. Check the rules for importing medicines of the airline and the destination country.
  • If you need special arrangements for a disability or illness during the exchange: check what kind of expert statements the exchange university requires. Practices may vary by university and country. Get the necessary statements, translate them into English, and submit them to the university 2 –3 months before the start of your exchange.
  • When your student exchange is confirmed, agree on a communication plan with your home university.

Freemover scholarships

The schools of Aalto University can award a discretionary scholarship to students who search for their exchange placement independently. The application instructions for this scholarship vary depending on the field of study. For more information, see Application instructions.

Travel Grants for Summer and Intensive Courses Abroad

You can independently arrange to complete a university level summer course or study at a summer school abroad during the Aalto University summer break/other time during the year. Depending on the available resources, your School may award travel grants for studies in certain summer schools.

External Funding

Student financial aid

If you are entitled to student financial aid in Finland, you will also receive it while on exchange if the studies completed during the exchange period are part of your degree.

Other Scholarships

You can apply for scholarships from different funds and foundations. They often have announcements in newspapers. SYL has a list of grants and scholarships. 

KY´s special fund for international exchange

KY's special fund for international exchange supports international studies of Aalto University School of Business students. Students´ moderate travel and visa expenses are covered by the fund. Also Freemover exchange students are entitled to the KY grant. The application period is once a year, in April.

AYY scholarships

AYY offers some scholarships to their members. 

Scholaships for the United States of America

DAAD scholarship for Germany

The DAAD scholarship is meant for studies in Germany. The application is normally done at least 6 months prior to arriving in Germany. The application times can be found on the pages of the German embassy.

Note that the application periods DAAD gives are not always correct, so be sure to check with the German embassy. There are also some specific conditions to the DAAD scholarship.

Scholarships for Australia and New Zealand

Kilroy education offers some scholarships, for example to Australia and New Zealand.  More information.

Scholarships for Russia

The Russian state offers scholarships for Finnish citizens to study and do research in Russia. More information from CIMO.

Scholarships granted on the basis of the field of study

Scholarship applications to field-specific grants are often the most lucrative.  Some scholarships that are based on the field of study are

  • Grants for Chemical Technology and Forest Product Technology
  • Water Technology. More information Teemu Kokkonen,