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For the students of the schools of CHEM, ELEC, ENG and SCI:

Bachelor’s students have several options to fulfil the degree requirements of 3 ECTS in oral (o) and written (w) proficiency.

1. Standard option: LC-1114 Communicating Technology and LC-1115 Persuasive Communication are recommended for most Bachelor's students. Although both cover oral and written skills, the former focuses more on written skills while the latter more on oral skills.

2. Online option: For students with busy schedules or wishing to work more independently, we recommend a combination of LC-1110 Online Writing Skills for Engineers 1 (1 ECTS) and LC-1112 Online Presentation Skills for Engineers (2 ECTS), or LC-1111 Online Writing Skills for Engineers 2 (1 ECTS) and LC-1112 Online Presentation Skills for Engineers (2 ECTS).

3. Special learning needs option: For students with special needs, such as dyslexia, ADHD, and social anxiety, we recommend LC-1113 Autonomous Language Learning Path.

4. Integrated English option: In a few specific subject courses or programs, language teaching has been integrated into the subject course content. Students can only undertake these English studies if they are enrolled in the collaborating subject course; it is not possible to enroll separately. Currently, there is at least one pilot LC-1117 Integrated Oral and Written Skills course available in each school. As well, LC-1118 Aaltonaut Communication Skills is available to students in the Aaltonaut Bachelor Minor program.

5. AHOT option: For students who have developed their field-specific language skills outside of university studies, LC-1119 Recognition of prior English learning (AHOT in Finnish) provides an opportunity to develop a learning portfolio which demonstrates this prior learning. It should be noted that this option also requires considerable time and effort to complete as students must provide proper documentation to support each of the portfolio statements.

For Master's students, we recommend LC-1310 Academic Communication for MSc Students, LC-1410 Industrial Communication or LC-1420 Project Communication, all of which cover both written and spoken skills (3 ECTS). For support in thesis writing, a suitable course is LC-1320 Thesis Writing for Engineers (MSc) (3 ECTS). In addition, the bachelor’s courses listed above can also be taken. We do not recommend taking both LC-1310 and one of the bachelor level courses as the courses concentrate on similar skills.

If you have previously completed university-level foreign language credits in English, then you can apply for a transfer of credit provided that the courses meet the Aalto university regulations for foreign language studies. Note that studying your specialised subject in English does not qualify. To apply, contact your school's Study Planner.

Doctoral students seeking support in writing should register for LC-1340 Writing Doctoral Research (3 ECTS), and those wanting to improve their presentation skills for conferences or seminars should sign up for LC-1330 Presenting Doctoral Research (3 ECTS).

For Aalto Staff and Faculty, we provide several courses.