Aalto Wellbeing Week 2018 offers Aalto University’s personnel and students HeiaHeia digital wellbeing service for 6 months!  

HeiaHeia is engaging and social wellbeing service created by leading wellbeing experts at Hintsa Performance with the aim to help you find the healthy habits that bring you joy and energy!

HeiaHeia guides you to set meaningful wellbeing targets and helps you achieve them. Exercise, steps, sleep, weight: whatever your targets are, achieve them by small daily steps that accumulate into remarkable longterm gains.

HeiaHeia is a social motivator based on support from your likeminded friends and colleagues. Sharing accomplishments big and small and cheering for your friends makes wellbeing fun and social. It also brings a positive sense of accountability into sticking to your targets.

Starting from October you will have the opportunity to make your own wellbeing a fun joint project with friends and colleagues at Aalto. 


You can easily download HeiaHeia by yourself. You can find HeiaHeia for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and Windows Phone and  log in with Aalto's own code (aaltowellbeing2018). You can also go to https://www.heiaheia.com/aaltouniversity/ and use the sign up code aaltowellbeing2018. Look "How to get started"


The Aalto University Wellbeing Challenge is a team competition, but you can also participate as an individual without a team. You can join existing teams or create new ones. To create a new team, log in to your account online www.heiaheia.com and create a new team. You can also request a new team creation at helpdesk@heiaheia.com.

The challenge starts 1st October and ends 16th December 2018.

Team competition

The challenge is between all Aalto University teams. Your team should have minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 participants in your team, all participants must be Aalto University students or employees. When joining the Aalto University community, you are asked to join official teams “Students” or “Staff”. These teams are for registration purposes only.

All teams, where all members have over 200 Wellbeing Score points (level 2) at the end of the competition, will qualify for the official lottery.

Individual competition

All individuals with over 200 Wellbeing Score points (level 2) at the end of the competition will qualify for the official lottery.

Prizes for students

1 Student team will win free training pass for 1 month in UniSport

2 Individuals will win movie tickets

Prizes for staff members

1 Staff team will win free training pass for 1 month in UniSport

2 Individuals will win James Hewitt’s book Exponential

The prize is drawn among the participating teams and individuals who have qualified for the official lottery. Hintsa Performance will perform the official lottery among the active teams and individuals 17.12.2018.

Participants can collect points by being active, both physically and socially, and lift their own wellbeing level. Points are valid for three months, so regular activity rewards. Your individual overall score and level are visible in the Wellbeing Score banner. Point levels can be found from Account -tab or by clicking the Wellbeing score banner.

MORE INFORMATION lauri.jurvanen@ayy.