Apply now to basic and advanced level online courses on Asia. You can choose between Bachelor and Master’s level courses and a variety of topics.  Either take individual courses or a combination of courses to get a minor in Asian Studies. The studies are free of charge for registered (degree and exchange) students from member universities of the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies (Aalto, HY, JY, TaY, TY, VY, ÅA).

In this application round you can apply to courses that are held in spring 2019. Application deadline is November 25, 2018.

Asian Programme

The Asian Programme is an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s level study programme which provides students with basic knowledge of Asia. For students whose study or career plans relate to Asia, this programme provides them with a good introduction to the region.  This spring we provide the following courses:

1. Culture in East and Southeast Asia (5 ECTS) (spring term 2019)
2. Business in East and Southeast Asia (6 ECTS) (Spring term 2019)
3. Contemporary South Asia (5 ECTS) (spring term 2019)

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Master’s level courses

Master’s level online courses offer advanced knowledge on Asia. Courses focus on political, social, cultural and economic issues of Asian countries. The Master’s level courses are aimed for students who have already acquired some knowledge about Asia or on the specialty of the particular course. Master’s level courses can be combined with Asian Programme courses to earn a small or large minor.

Courses offered in spring 2019:

1. Chinese Working Place Cultures (5 ECTS)
2. Chinese Economy (5 ECTS)
3. Health Systems in Developing Asia (3-4 ECTS)
4. Introduction to Chinese Contemporary History (5 ECTS)
5. Introduction to Chinese History (5 ECTS)
6. Introduction to Mongolian Society and Politics (2 ECTS)

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Mini Minor in Asian Studies

The Mini Minor is designed for students who prefer to include a small minor in Asian Studies in their degree. It provides the possibility to gain advanced knowledge of a specific theme or region by combining our basic and advanced level courses in to a small minor (min. 10 ECTS).

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