In 2017, Aalto University launched a project with the goal of digitising all the master’s theses published at its schools of technology and at the School of Business and the predecessors of the same since 1960 in order to improve the accessibility and usability of the master’s theses.

The digitisation project covers the master’s theses of the schools of technology until 2014 and the master’s thesis of the former Helsinki School of Economics until 2008. In addition to master’s theses, the project also covers the digitisation of all the doctoral dissertations published by the former universities of Helsinki School of Economics and Helsinki University of Technology, as well as Aalto University doctoral dissertations published in 2010–2015.

At this point, the master’s theses published by the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture and its predecessors, the Department of Architecture at the former Helsinki University of Technology and the University of Art and Design Helsinki were excluded from the project, because their thesis formats were unsuitable for mass digitisation. The thesis digitisation project is part of Aalto University’s digitalisation project.

The master’s thesis part of the project is nearly finished: almost all master’s theses have been digitised and are now available on the Harald Herlin Learning Centre’s workstations, where you can read the theses and perform searches on their contents, or print them for personal use. You cannot, however, copy the thesis contents or save the file. Such restrictions are necessary, because in the case of digitised theses, it is impossible to obtain permission to publish from the thesis author.

The bibliographical reference databases for theses are:

  • Inssi: the master’s theses of the schools of technology until 2016
  • Thes: the master’s theses of the School of Business until 2016
  • Aaltodoc publication archive and Aalto-Finna: the bibliographical reference data of all Aalto master’s theses as of 2017.

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