Personal Impact is a mindset and a movement, an entity created for all Aalto students. We bring to light already existing courses in Aalto University on values and meaningfulness, self-leadership, societal impact, human potential and well-being.

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NOTE: See below info on a brand new course on designing your own life to find motivation and meaning!

Designing life: Finding motivation, direction and meaning to life and work, 6cr

So you’re currently studying at Aalto University? Now what?

What do you want to be when you grow up? What kind of choices do you have to make during your studies to get there? Many students struggle with questions about their life choices, goals and future career plans. Yet another group of students never bother to make any conscious choices at all, drifting across life without any clear direction. Do you want to have a better grasp at how to live your life and what choices to make? This course will not offer you ready answers, but it will give you better conceptual tools to think about such questions and practical exercises that can help you clarify what kind of life would best suit you. It will also tell you what we currently know based on scientific research on what life choices tend to lead to happiness and meaningfulness.

The lecturer Frank Martela has devoted his career to explore questions related to happiness, fundamental dimensions of human motivation, and the meaning of life. In addition to writing a regular column for Helsingin Sanomat, he has been interviewed by the New York Times, the Monocle and other Finnish and global medias on the topic of happiness and meaning.

In addition to lectures, exercises and group work, the course will include two guest lectures:
* Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko, CEO of Marimekko and HSE alumni
* Juha Äkräs, co-founder of Hintsa Performance Oy and former Nokia Executive Vice President of Human Resources
Both will reflect on what they have learned throughout their own career about finding one’s own path, coping with various pressures, and how to combine a successful career with meaningful living.

Course basics:
When: Period III
Lectures: On Wednesdays 13:15 - 15:00 from 9.1. until 15.2.
Where: Undergraduate Centre / Kandidaattikeskus (Otakaari 1, Otaniemi), lecture hall U135a Nokia
Team meetings: On Fridays 13.15 – 15:00 or whenever your team decides to meet.
Credits: 6
Prerequisites: None, open to all who are interested in their own life path.
Lecturer: Frank Martela ( )

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