In the School of Business, the right to study in a bachelor’s programme or in a master’s programme is granted through separate procedures. The right to study towards a BSc (Econ and Bus Admin) degree is granted through the degree programme admissions process. The right to study towards an MSc (Econ and Bus Admin), however, is granted in connection with the student’s bachelor’s degree graduation. Bachelor’s degree students are therefore not entitled to enter any master’s programme until they graduate and submit a request for their BSc certificate.

The student’s choice of a master’s programme usually depends on what bachelor’s programme at the School of Business they have completed and what studies or prerequisites for continuation to the master’s programme were included in their bachelor’s degree. Master’s programme staff decide in advance on which bachelor’s programmes give students eligibility for recruitment to their programmes and what requirements the students must meet.

The master's programmes in the School of Business:

Master’s programme admission in practice

  1. When submitting a request for a bachelor’s degree certificate, the student indicates the master’s programme to which he/she is applying.
  2. If the student meets the requirements (see table above) as defined by the degree programme, he/she may be granted admission to it. If the programme also requires certain other studies to be completed during the bachelor’s stage, the application will be processed by master’s programme staff. The vice dean in charge of teaching makes the official decision on the student’s admission to the programme. A copy of the decision is issued together with the degree certificate.
  3. If he or she wishes, the student discusses, with the teacher-tutor or the planning officer of the programme on planning his or her studies and obtains approval for the electronic personal study plan (eHOPS) from the programme or department planning officer. The electronic templates for drawing up the eHOPS for the master’s degree will become available to the student on the day following his or her graduation with a bachelor’s degree. 

Beginning studies towards a master’s degree

Students who have completed 150 credits towards their bachelor’s degree may begin studies towards a master’s degree with intermediate courses  (indicated with the letter C in the course code) towards either their minor or the elective studies component.  Master’s-level courses (indicated with the letter E in the course code) are available to students whose 150 credits towards the bachelor’s degree include all the first-year courses and research methodology courses required for the bachelor’s degree. Before registering for a master’s-level course, students should check its course description to see whether, there is a prerequisite (e.g. a bachelor’s thesis) for taking the course.