Aalto University students and researchers can now access the new O’Reilly for Higher Education digital platform. It includes more than 38,000 book titles and more than 30,000 hours of video, audio books, learning paths, tutorials and cases from respected IT publishers like O’Reilly, Packt, Pearson, Wiley, and Microsoft. The e-books have no limits for simultaneous users and they will be added to Aalto-Finna database. The access to Safari Tech Books Online database will end after the transition period.

Topics covered: Business, Desktop and Web Applications, Digital Media, Engineering, Information Technology & Software Development, Math & Science, Personal & Professional Development, Products, Vendors.

How to access:

  1. Go to: https://www.safaribooksonline.com/library/view/temporary-access/?orpq or use the Finna e-book link
  2. Type in your Aalto University email address. In the future, you can use the link “Already a user? Click here”.
  3. You will get an email to complete the account setup. Create a password to complete the account setup. Mobile app usage requires user to create a personal account.

Note! There is no specific registration form for researchers or staff, so use the same form as students and find the most appropriate option for the major subject and the year of graduation.

O’Reilly Safari Learning Platform in Aalto-Finna: https://aalto.finna.fi/Record/alli.819307?lng=en-gb

Help for using e-books in e-book guide and O’Reilly for Higher Education Libguide

Further information: oppimiskeskus@aalto.fi