The Ministry of Education and Culture funded KAPPAS! project targets the generic skills of students who are studying for a bachelor’s degree. ‘Generic skills’ refers here to study and transferable skills, such as:

  • Analytical deduction and assessment - how students can identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative argumentation and how they can differentiate between trustworthy and untrustworthy sources
  • Problem-solving - how students can recognise a problem and solve it by using argumentation
  • Argumentative writing - the effectiveness of the text and the coherence of argumentation and how logically and clearly the answer has been constructed
  • Language proficiency

The goal is to determine the level of the generic skills of students in higher education, to see how their skills develop over the time of education, and to identify similarities and differences between the various educational fields. The assessment includes students who began their studies in autumn 2019 as well as the third year students. The selection of students aims to be representative of the different fields of education that are available in Finland. The assessment is recruiting Aalto University students from the fields of technology and business. About 400 students will receive a personal email invite to the test. The test is optional for the students.

The test

The instrument used to assess generic skills is CLA+ International, a computer-assisted test developed by the Council for Aid to Education (CAE). There are three parts: a background questionnaire, a multiple-choice section, and an exercise component to measure skills. The test can be taken in Finnish or Swedish. The test takes about two hours to complete.


The assessment results will be ready in the summer of 2020 and published in a national report. The university will receive a report on their own students’ level of generic skills. The university will also receive the original data.

Student participants will receive information about their own results as well as how well they did compared to students from across Finland who took the same test and to students from their own school who were tested in the other educational fields. The highest scoring students will also be awarded a digital diploma (a CLA+ badge) showing their generic skill level. The diploma is suitable as a CV appendix.

About the project

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