The department of Marketing is launching “advanced topics” self-guided learning courses at both the bachelor and master’s level. The two courses are built around reading packets carefully curated by marketing faculty. At the bachelor level, we offer more practically oriented topics that complement and extend our existing course curriculum. At the master’s level, the chosen topics are more focused and represent the cutting edge of marketing theory.

These courses are intended for students who:

-       have a desire to increase their understanding of certain “hot topics” within marketing

-       want and are able to advance their studies independently and to fit their schedules

-       are looking for thesis topics

-       want to develop their critical thinking and writing skills.

Both courses begin with joint introductory lecture at the beginning of each period. Both courses feature only one deliverable, a thematic essay where students elaborate on the key concepts and ideas of the reading packet of their choice. The courses will be available during all teaching periods.

The first introductory lecture will be organized on Monday 9th September, at 3pm, Lecture Hall U006 (Ekonominaukio 1). Registration period is open until 2nd September. Please use course code 23C01000 (bachelor level) or 23E01000 (master’s level) depending on your interest in topic and your study plan.

The current topics are listed below. The department aims at expanding the list of topics throughout the year.

Current topics at the bachelor level course, 23C01000 Contemporary Issues in Marketing: 

  1. Co-creation and its pitfalls
  2. Pricing
  3. Strategy
  4. Sustainability and CSR
  5. Kauppa ja sen tulevaisuus
  6. Palveluliiketoiminta

Current topics at the master’s level, 23E01000 Advanced Topics in Marketing:  

  1. The critical cutting edge of digital marketing
  2. The dark side of markets
  3. Citizens, consumers and markets in the age of climate change
  4. Critical marketing – marketplace power and consumer resistance
  5. Sharing, access-based and collaborative consumption
  6. Circular economies
  7. Cultural intermediaries in marketing
  8. Race, ethnicity and gender
  9. Well-being
  10. Digital retail
  11. What is value?
  12. Consumption and time
  13. Multichannel marketing management